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CloudConvert is a fully featured online service for converting your files from one format to another, with staggering compatibility with more than 170 formats ranging from compression archives, CAD files, document formats, e-book formats, images, videos, audio files, presentations and spreadsheets. To make the process of conversion as easy as possible, the only thing you are required is to upload the file and choose target format. CloudConvert will quickly get the job done, and resulting file will be offered to you immediately for download, or alternatively, you can activate automatic delivery to your email or Dropbox account.

Power-users will also be glad to hear that all the capabilities of CloudConvert can be accessed via its fully-featured API interface.

CloudConvert Review
Quickly convert anything to anything with ease!

Every computer user handles multiple file types on their computers every day, often encountering the situation that they cannot open some file format without specific viewer or editor app, they want to transfer some multimedia content to portable device that has very specific file compatibility, or knowing that if they send some file over the internet to their friends, family, colleagues and other internet users that will have trouble opening, editing or reproducing your files. To make all those problems away everyone needs to have access to comprehensive file format conversion apps, and best ones of today are located on the web. The first one that you need to visit whenever you feel the need to transform one file format into another is CloudConvert.

CloudConvert Overview
CloudConvert is a very modern-looking and incredibly streamlined file conversion web application that allows users from all around the world to easily take control over their local or cloud-hosted files and easily convert them into any of the supported formats. But that is not all, because CloudConvert can automatically detect files that you want to edit and offer you wide array of advanced features that can help you directly edit those files before conversion. Things like changing image size before conversion, picking a specific video quality of a chosen video codec or even placing all your finished conversion files into one of the many supported compressed archives can be very easily done.

But, that is not all. CloudConvert’s developer also spent a lot of effort enabling users of their service to have very easy way of adding files into their online platform (upload from local hard disk drives, or easy transfers from your Dropbox or Google Drive storage account) and exporting finished files to your preferred location (direct download, automated sending over email, or sending to Dropbox or Google Drive. Immediately after your files are converted, original files will be deleted from CloudConvert’s servers, enabling you to have peace of mind knowing that your data was not tampered with.

Same peace of mind can be found also by professional users, who can easily take CloudConvert’s powerful API and integrate its capability to work with over 180 file formats into their own online or local computer projects, making format conversion incredibly accessible both to them and their customers.

Interface of CloudConvert is very modern and attractive, with interactive interface that resembles the best minimalistic designs of the latest web 2.0 design movement. Anyone who visit this service will have zero issues in controlling all features that this app offers.

Free online file converter

Just don’t forget to notice that little “wrench” icon at the side of every loaded file activates “customization” screen that can activate editing tools for numerous file formats (image size, video quality, etc.).

Registration and cost
As of April 2014, CloudConvert is still in its beta stage and offers all of its services for free.

CloudConvert an excellent looking and performing file conversion web application that has managed to successfully process over 1.8 million files contained in 10 categories – archives, audio, CAD, documents, ebooks, images, presentations, spreadsheets, vector and video files.

CloudConvert Features:

176 formats supported
CloudConvert supports the conversion between more than 100 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats.

File conversion in the cloud
There is no need to install any software on your computer!

Upload your files to CloudConvert and we will do the job for you. Don’t worry, your files are safe and only you can access them. They will be deleted again as soon as your conversion is finished.

Advanced features
Most conversion types support advanced options, for example setting the codecs of audio/video files. Also, we support batch converting, merging frome multiple files and archive packing!

Powerful API
The CloudConvert API offers the full functionality of CloudConvert and makes it possible to use the conversion services in your own applications.

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В последние время нетрудно заметить большую тенденцию в развитии «облачных» веб-сервисов. Их появляется огромное количество, а функционал порой можно сопоставить с функционалом десктопных программ. Сегодня мы кратко поговорим об одном из таких — это «облачный» конвертере файлов.


Давеча нашёл в Интернет интересный такой веб-сервис под названием CloudConvert. Изюминка его в том, что он позволяет конвертировать самые разнообразные форматы файлов один в другой. На данный момент количество поддерживаемых форматов составляет 148 штук. Неплохо для веб-сервиса, который пока находится в стадии «beta». Преимуществом данного «облачного» конвертера является не только возможность конвертирования различных форматов файлов, но поддержка достаточно больших файлов, а так же интеграция с такими популярными «облачными» хранилищами как Dropbox и Google Drive.

К слову, в сети можно найти огромное количество веб-сервисов, готовых взяться за преобразование вашего контента. Но как только всё доходит до дела, и мы готовы приступить к работе, оказывается, что в бесплатном режиме сервис не будет конвертировать файлы более определенного размера. Или в бесплатном режиме можно конвертировать только несколько форматов.

Как легко конвертировать файлы прямо в облаках

Или в бесплатном режиме можно только просмотреть, но не сохранить. Или… Ну и так далее… С CloudConvert всё немного не так: без регистрации можно конвертировать файлы до 100 МБ, а с регистрацией уже до 1 ГБ. Так же есть ограничения по времени, затрачиваемого на конвертацию и на на количество операций в сутки. Разницу на работу сервиса без регистрации и с регистрацией можно увидеть в таблице:

Что сказать в заключение? Как для бесплатного сервиса CloudConvert достаточно неплох, даже невзирая на его некоторые ограничения, которые, к тому же, немного «попускаются» при регистрации. Сама же регистрация очень простая и совершенно бесплатная.

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